Social Responsibility

Porto Seguro Volunteer Group

One of the greatest responsibilities for the success of sustainability programs at Porto Seguro is the volunteer group made up of employees, service providers and corporate brokers. In the last year, the volunteer actions promoted by the group united 2.938 participants who helped approximately 63.000 needy people in institutions around Brazil trough donations, educational lectures and leisure, and quality of life programs.

The Volunteer Program also had the help of the branch offices which give support to 46 social organizations nationwide.

Casa Campos Elísios Melhor

A place for education, generating income and leisure

One thing Porto Seguro is most proud of is the Casa Campos Elísios Melhor ("Better Campos Elísios House") which provides professional qualification and training in addition to promoting access to education, art, sports and leisure. The center, inaugurated in 2005 in central São Paulo, has different projects:

Professional Training

Employability and hope for the future

The professional training courses aim to provide a better social-economic condition and restore the self esteem of the neighborhoods residents through individual appreciation and access to employment.

The affected population includes people with ages ranging from 16 to 60 in situations of risk and social vulnerability. After completion of the course, Porto Seguro sends the students who have satisfactorily completed the course to the workforce.

In the professional setting, 292 people have taken courses offered in partnership with Porto Seguro departments and 109 people were inserted into the workforce.

See the courses offered through the project bellow:

  • Paint and body;

  • Mechanics and electronics;

  • Bread, pizza, finger foods and concession product processing.

Friends of Insurance – Partnership with Funenseg

Friends of Insurance is a social responsibility program of the Escola Nacional de Seguros (Funenseg) which aims to provide professional qualification opportunities in the insurance market to low income youth. Porto Seguro recommends and sponsors the youth from the communities surrounding their branch offices. After the course the alumni are sent to the worforce.

Education and Citizenry

Citizenry for youth and adolescents

The Education and Citizenry Program is focused on the children and youth between the ages of 7 and 15. Divided into groups, they participate in diverse motivational workshops. Through sports the training becomes more attractive and results in greater interest in the basic concepts of cooperation and citizenry. See the workshops bellow:

  • Dance education;

  • Training space;

  • Sports in action and gymnastic in the park;

  • Theater workshop;

  • Capoeira.

Cidade Portinho Seguro Auto

Cidade Portinho Seguro Auto was completely reformulated and is now fully travelind with new characters were added to the gang, that interacts with children through videos, comic books and the website The project reached in the last year 30.600 children in 62 brazilian cities.

Environmental Responsibility

Earth Hour

This is an action for awareness. In each day of clear or partially cloudy weather, the lights in the Headquarter Complex and in the branches are turned off between 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM. The idea is contributing with the planet by spending less energy. In the past year, Porto Seguro saved 129.538.89 kwh, which equals the consumption of 720 families in the city of São Paulo for a month.

Kitchen Oil Collection Campaign

Campaign for education and awareness on the problems generated by the deposit of vegetable oil in the water and what can be done to avoid the contamination of this resource, collaborating with its preservation.

The oil collected is destined to the production of biodiesel, a renewable fuel. So far, more than 7 thousand liters of used vegetable oil were collected. Besides, the campaign was also extended to 45 condominiums clients of Porto Seguro Serviços.

Plastic Cards, Cells And Batteries Recycling Campaign

The campaign was created to give the correct destination to the policyholders cards and, also, to warn the population on the importance of recycling electro-electronic residues.

Electro-electronic residues are sent to a partner company that separates the material, grinds it and sends it to recycling industries for the manufacture of several plastic material, salts and oxides that are used by the very electro-electronic industry. So far, more than 2.5 tons of residues were collected.

Selective Waste Collection Program

So far, the Porto Seguro Selective Waste Collection Program sent for recycling more than 70 tons of recyclable residues. This is due to the increase of its actuation area, with the install of new selective residue collector in the Headquarters Complex and branches in the Greater Sao Paulo e Rio de Janeiro.

Dom Bosco Shelter

The action involves the support to 57 recyclable materials collectors from Dom Bosco Shelter, providing revenue generation, social inclusion and improvement of quality of life, besides the benefit of environment preservation. In 2010, there were meeting to develop the group of people in the shelter for the formation of an association/cooperative, whose goal is to increase the work of selective collection and recycling, making them independent, encouraging the search for partners to buy the recyclable materials and partners to donate the material.

Automotive Residues Management Program

Through the Porto Seguro Environmental Management System, Porto Seguro Automotive Centers adopted an Automotive Residues Management Program (PGRA), a preventive and corrective action plan to eliminate the risk of environmental impact of its residues. Among the Program's goal, there are:

  • Elimination of environmental pollution risk, rising from hazardous residues generated in the Porto Seguro Automotive Centers;

  • Social and Environmental Responsibility Program for the Automotive Centers, through Social Inclusion and Revenue Generation, through donation of ferrous scrap for Material Recycling Cooperatives;

  • Handling of all hazardous residues – class I;

  • Fitting and standardization of environmentally adequate storage and disposal of residues structure.

Conservation Of Town Squares

Porto Seguro took the compromise of making the maintenance of green areas in six locations of Sao Paulo's capital:

  1. The strip of Manoel Monteiro de Araújo, at Vila Jaraguá;

  2. David Raw Square, in the region of Avenida Pacaembu;

  3. Avenida Carvalho Pinto, at Penha;

  4. The Center strip in Avenida Rio Branco, from Alameda Eduardo Prado to Avenida Duque de Caxias;

  5. Princesa Isabel Square na Largo Coração de Jesus Square, in the region of Campos Elíseos;

  6. Central strip in Avenida Gal. Edgar Facoó, at Pirituba.

Building Works And Projects

Program for Reduction of Water and Power Consumption

Porto Seguro adopts practical measures that allow the reduction of nominal power consumption. Among these, there is the definition of a fixed time to turn on and off air conditioners and power, the replacement of incandescent lamps for PL lamps, the education of employees and workers on good practices of computers use and the implantation of power transforming devices, such as capacitors for correction of the power factor, eliminating exceeding energy expenses.

Besides, there is also a program of reduction and fitting of ranges, trough the installation of equipment in the power input, measuring peaks and depressions in the consumption and in the utilities company delivery voltage, including the relative adjustment between capacitive and inductive power.

Regarding the water consumption, there are reduction projects that identify problems in the network and opportunities for improvement and fitting of ranges and reduction of water flow, which is reflected in consumption.