Porto Seguro was founded in 1945 under the name of Porto Seguro Companhia de Seguros Gerais by a group of executives. At the time of its constitution, it operated in insurance and reinsurance of P&C. In 1972, Abrahao Garfinkel, former director of the Boa Vista Insurance Group, acquired control of the company, which then occupied the 44th position in the market ranking. Porto Seguro began its operations with 50 employees and now directly employs 10,000 employees, and 10,000 suppliers through its companies. It has 135 branches and regional offices to serve more than 20,000 brokers and five million customers across the country. It also has a headquarters in Uruguay.


The headquarters of Porto Seguro is located in Campos Elisios, in the central region of São Paulo.


Porto Seguro operates in all lines of insurance: Automobile, Company Health, Business, Patrimonial, Life and Transportation, through the companies Porto Seguro, Porto Seguro Saude, Porto Seguro Vida e Previdencia, Porto Seguro Uruguay, Azul Seguros and Itaú Auto e Residencia. Among the businesses of the group, it is also highlighted for Consortium of Real Estate and Automobiles, Providence, Investments, Financing, Credit Cards, Protection and Monitoring, Condominium and Residence Services and Telecommunications.



Porto Seguro Companhia de Seguros Gerais
Main company of the group, founded in 1945 with head offices in São Paulo. Today it is one of the largest insurance companies in Brazil.

Porto Seguro Vida e Previdência S/A
Founded in 1986 and with head offices in São Paulo; works exclusively with life insurance and private pension funds sectors.

Porto Seguro Saúde S/A
Deals with the health sector for more than 10 years and since 2001 operates a portfolio that was managed by Porto Seguro Cia. de Seguros Gerais.

Porto Seguro Seguros del Uruguay S/A
Operates with automobile, fire and theft portfolios. Founded in 1995, it is the second largest insurance company in Uruguay in the automobile sector.

Azul Seguros
Present in Brazil for more than 100 years and part of the Porto Seguro Corporation since 2004. Operates under its own independent administration with head offices in Rio de Janeiro and branches in the south and southeastern regions of Brazil.

Itaú Seguros de Auto e Residência S.A
Is part of the Porto Seguro Corporation since 2009, after association with the Banco Itáu Unibanco. Operates in the fields of automobile and residence in the whole country.


Portoseg S/A
Founded in 2002, active in the credit, financing and investments sectors.

Portoserv Promotora de Serviços S/C Ltda.
Since 2001 has been active in renewal services and acquiring new clients for insurance agents.

Porto Seguro Administradora de Consórcios Ltda.
More than 25 years of experience in the market, dealing with the automobile and realty sectors.

Porto Seguro Proteção e Monitoramento Ltda.
Founded in 1998 and active in the electronic assets insurance sector.

Portopar Distrib. de Títulos e Valores Mobiliários Ltda.
Founded in 1996, manages fixed and variable income funds.